Why you must visit Uganda this year

Why you must visit Uganda this year

Why you must visit Uganda this year

March 27, 2015

When it comes to choosing an African destination, many people find it daunting mainly if interested in visiting a country that captures the essence of a diverse and enormous continent. To experience something extraordinary that is beyond what you see in documentaries and films, Uganda is the best option.

Compared to other African countries, Uganda is a smaller country blessed with an incredible concentration of wildlife, attractive landscapes and a diverse culture. All these can easily be seen and this is made possible by the existing good infrastructure and a road network. This facilitates easy access to the various tourism sites in the country. A visitor can reach the major sites comfortably within 1 day.

Depending on the itinerary, a visitor can visit the equatorial mountain forests, the rolling hills of banana and tea plantations, move to the shores of Africa’s inland sea (Lake Victoria) and the endless island horizons. All these activities can be experienced in one day.

Also known as the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria is the source of River Nile and visitors interested in rafting, there is massive excitement offered by this River. A one day trip from Kampala (Uganda’s capital city) to Jinja town, offers a variety of thrilling activities like white water rafting at the Nile, bungee jumping, jet boating, paragliding plus accommodation for all budgets.

The Lake is also a host to one of the largest species of fresh water fish, Nile Perch and some of these are so terrific and big to the size of fully grown men. On the northern part of the Lake, stands the town of Entebbe that is so close to the capital city. This is a good launch point for fishing safaris and can spice up your African Safari.

One of Lake Victoria’s islands that one cannot afford to miss is the remarkable Ngamba Island. This island is one of the 2 African island sanctuaries for chimpanzees, the other found in the south of the lake known as the Tanzanian Rubondo Island. A visitor can spend both a day and night at the highland enjoying the company of the hard-to find chimpanzees.

Mountain Gorillas are another sensational wildlife in Uganda attracting the biggest number of visitors. A day trip from Kampala to the southwest of Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park exposes a visitor to the hard-to find primates. This stunning area is near the Rwanda border and the DRC border, and it’s so breathtaking. There are great mountain sceneries as well as the concentration of birdlife and forest creatures.

The ancient look of volcanic activity that forms the landscapes in the Albertine Rift Valley is so attractive and eye-catching. A visitor can continue through the vast valley, the cradles the immense Lake George, Lake Edward and Lake Albert. On the Eastern rim, a visitor standing can see the distant Mt. Rwenzori (over 70km). Rwenzori is also known as the “Mountains of the moon”, named by an English Explorer, Henry Stanley in the early 1889.

This rift area is so adventurous with a lot of tourist activities that a visitor can enjoy. The neighboring town of Fort Portal is a hub that one can explore its cultural attractions, explore the hot springs, wildlife viewing at Semuliki National Park and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve found just on the edge of Lake Albert. Semuliki is also a wonderful birding site with a diverse collection of rare bird species like the Shoebills.

Mountain Rwenzori offers hiking and climbing expeditions which spice up a visitor’s safari. At the foot hills of the mountain, there is a wonderland of the Ndali-Kasenda craters. There are over 30 volcanic crater lakes at this place and they are filled with lakes cradling water from the numerous rain showers. The crater area is so unique and a visitor can witness the Red tail monkeys rattle the branches of tall trees.