Where to go on a Rwanda Safari

Where to go on a Rwanda Safari

April 15, 2014

rwanThe commonest tourist destination in Rwanda is Volcanoes National Park found in the northwest of this East African country. The main reason why this park is more prominent than others is because it harbors the hard-to find mountain gorillas. Trekking these elegant primates is currently the leading tourism activity which every tourist would wish to enjoy while on a safari. Other parks in Rwanda where you can visit are; Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Parks found in the south and eastern border respectively.

If you are more interested in game viewing (wildlife), then Akagera National park is the best place to visit while on a Rwanda safari. This park has a wide collection of adventurous things combined with splendid environment that is breathtaking. It harbors different wild animals which you can see at a closer distance as you drive through on your game drive.

Nyungwe National park is another wonderful place worth visiting with a dense forest proving interesting hiking trails, primate and bird watching and chimpanzee trekking. Rwanda’s National parks are easy to access by road and therefore, a drive past Lake Kivu to any of the parks is more rewarding.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Also known as “a country of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is one of the few countries which are blessed with the hard to find mountain gorillas and this explains why trekking safaris to this country is on a rapid increase. Spending half a day in Volcanoes National Park next to a gorilla family is a lifetime experience that you will live to tell. This is the park where Dian Fossey used to do her work s from and it’s where she died from. Many tourists travel to this park to have a cultural flashback on the life of the late renowned primatologist who tried to research about the mountain gorillas of Rwanda.

Today, there is a trail which leads to Dian Fossey’s grave in Volcanoes National Park and many tourists hike to this cultural site. This hiking is an additional package on a gorilla trekking itinerary and it is one of those experiences that you will never forget.

The population of gorillas in the world has increased and it is now about 900, all found in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo).These primates are not habituated like other wild animals and this is the reason why a tourist interested in having a glance at them must go gorilla trekking in the wild.

Primate watching in Rwanda

Although mountain gorilla trekking is the leading tourism activity at the moment, there are other primates in Rwanda which a visitor can trek while on a Rwanda safari and these include the chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, Rwenzori colobus, baboons and many more. Chimpanzee monkey trekking is mainly carried out in Nyungwe National Park which is a home to over 13 different primates.

Why tour Rwanda

Trust me a Rwanda Safari is one of those travel journeys that you will never forget because of the tourism adventure that come with it. The eastern part of the country is worth exploring because of the presence of Africa’s most beautiful parks with deep valleys and rolling hills, savannah plains in the north, papyrus swamps and lakes in the east. Rwanda is a home to over 8,000 wild animals and over 500 bird species which you can easily view while on your Safari.

When to visit Rwanda

Spending a holiday in Rwanda is possible at any time of the year but the best times to tour this “smallest country” in East Africa is during the two dry seasons; June to September and December to February .It is more convenient to visit during these periods because the paths in the national park are dry and not muddy as it is during a wet season.