What you need to know about Akagera National Park - Rwanda Safaris

What you need to know about Akagera National Park – Rwanda Safaris

March 14, 2014

One of the smallest countries on the African continent turns out to be with the amazing experience while on a safari to the continent. It is in Rwanda where you will leave to tell when you find yourself in the country’s most top destination, the Akagera national park. The park is located in the north eastern part of Rwanda along its border with Tanzania.It attained its name after the Akagera river that flows along its eastern boundaries and later feeds into a series of lakes the largest being lake Ihema. This park is composed of rolling hills of acacia and brachystegia woodlands together with scattered grasslands and swampy-fringed lakes located along the meandering Akagera water course. These all combined create a park of breath taking scenic beauty that have led to an increase in Rwanda Safaris.

Covering about an area of 1200 square kilometers, Akagera national park was founded in 1934 as an area to protect animals and vegetation in three Eco-regions, the savanna, mountain and the swamp and of late its one of the most interesting destinations that spices up your Rwanda Safari.


When you are in Akagera national park, there are numerous amazing spots and attractions that will keep you wanting and demanding for more and in the long run you may want to extend your safari itinerary in case you had underestimated the experience. Amazing and astonishing  features are;

Wonderful birds

About 525 bird species live in the Akagera  reflecting the extremely wide diversity of habitat. They include 44 species of raptor, balaenniceps rex and many palearctic migrants which include the falco naumani, gallinago media, glareola nordmani. The park also represents a number of zambezian biome species including lanius souse, mymecocihla aenoti and the cristicola angusticauda. In addition to that, there are also species of guinea-Congo forests biome and 7 of the afro tropical highlands biome. Their names are scientific in nature and hard to pronounce but they are worth to your safari while in Rwanda.


Akagera national park is  a big game area where you will be able to find lots of game ranging from huge herds of buffaloes emerging from the gentle woodlands to drink at the lakes. Lucky visitors may also stumble across a leopard, a spotted hyena or even a stray lion on while on their game drive through the park. The giraffes and zebras haunting the savanna are also at your disposal coupled with dozens and dozens of antelopes. You won’t miss the handsome chestnut-coated impala, the diminutive oribi and the secretive bush buck, as well as the ungainly tsessebe and the cape eland, the world’s largest antelope.

The African elephants of Akagera national park are  very stunning. These elegant mammals were ransported from Bugesera in Kigali at an age of 7 years  but as per now 26 elephants are at your disposal at the park namely; the mwiza, helicon, mutware being the chief and also the oldest. I can’t just mention all the game but when you make a Rwanda Safari,dont forget to reach this rich tourism destination.

The beautiful views and scenery of the park’s grasslands just wrap up you tour to the park especially on your evening and morning game drives when the sun is setting and rising. The most stunning activities in the park are;

Game viewing

After you have checked in into your favorite accommodation spot, then jump on to a game drive in the Akagera. While driving on the park’s well designed tracks, you will spot the zebras, buffaloes, bush baby, crocodiles and if lucky, you will come across the lion among other mammal species. As one of the most scenic savanna in East Africa, the game drives in Akagera just provide an opportunity to see the gentle hills blending in beautifully with the amazing low land swamps coupled with magnificent water bodies.

Bird watching

You can also decide to include a bird safari on your itinerary in the Akagera national park because the 525 bird species are just awaiting you.Bird watching can be done early in the morning where you will get an opportunity see a selection of savanna bird species.In addition,you can also view the water bird species like the malachite king fishers, breasted roller, black headed gonolek, heuglin’s robin chat, horn bill, crested bar bet among other amazing birds.


While in the Akagera, camping alongside the fascinating lakes of the park is truly a mystical introduction bringing you close to the wonders of the African bush, pods of about 50 hippos that splutter throughout the day while the outsized crocodiles soak up the sun with their vast jaws. On your camp nights, be rest assured to experience a real African night in the wilderness with the sounds of the swamp birds like the papyrus golonek and other interesting birds.

Sport fishing is also another amazing activity along the Akagera river and the lining lakes. So for an interesting evening, go fishing along the river and the lake Iheme.The activity is so relaxing as you see the sun set back to its home.

“Make a Rwanda safari now to Akagera National Park and you will live to tell what others have never experienced”.