What to you have to do while preparing for a Rwanda Safari

What to you have to do while preparing for a Rwanda Safari

October 21, 2014

What to you have to do while preparing for a Rwanda SafariRwanda is also known as a land of a thousand hills, it’s gifted with a wide variety of attractions, when you think of gorilla tracking in the virunga mountains it’s the leading destination for tracking these giants than it’s counter parts that’s Uganda and cong. It is also a home to over 13 species of primates coupled with chimpanzee, baboons, black and white colobus monkey among others and these can be seen only in the Nyungwe forest national park. Games are also present in Akagera national park plus a wide verity of bird species. So who ever planning to take a safari in Rwanda will have a life time moment that they will never forget in their entire life. Rwanda has changed and become one of the most progressive nations in all of Africa and its one of the most welcoming, secure and the most stable nation in all of Africa

For every visitor preparing a Rwanda safari should put the following in mind

You should get to know more about Rwanda for example its weather and climate, when to go, its background, history, its people and culture, airlines that fly directly to Rwanda, passport and visa, healthy status in Rwanda among other important information before you arrive. Our site contains over 100 pages this will assist you in knowing more about Rwanda. You will get clear insight on which safari you should take while in Rwanda. You can even read some of the local newspapers on-line to give you a sense of what Rwanda is like and what is going on currently in Rwanda. Not only that there is also face book pages that give you background and information about Rwanda, you can also read the Bradt Guide, it’s a must read for any tourist planning to visit Rwanda, it’s the best guide book available for Rwanda as it provide clear information because this guide cover exclusively Rwanda. It covers most of the major towns in Rwanda, the places to stay and where to eat but you must get updated on the price as by the time you get to read them they might be outdated. Gets you know about the national parks in Rwanda and the animals you may find in each national park, birds and nature walks and also an insight on the prices on each activities. You may get the Bradt online or read our site for more information before traveling to Rwanda; this will prepare you and make your journey more enjoy full

Also get other information Google news and blogs alerts for the country and topics in the country that represent your interest and you will be in position to receive this information daily from Google about Rwanda.

The pack should contain the following items and anything that you many consider necessary

  • Read your safari circuit to make sure that it is in the way you designed or like it before you make your way to Rwanda or any safari in Africa.
  • Your passport should at least expire after 6 months before returning to your home country and you should make a photocopy of it before set your journey to Rwanda
  • You should at least contain 2 free pages in the passport for each country you are visiting
  • You should carry with you your Travel Insurance policy
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Copies of any medical recommendation
  • Vaccination Certificates such as Yellow Fever if applicable.