Tour Rwanda,the smallest East African country

Tour Rwanda,the smallest East African country

May 6, 2014

Also termed as the smallest country,Rwanda is commonly known for gorilla trekking which acts as the leading tourism activity that attracts visitors from different parts of the world.There is no doubt that the magnificent views you will be exposed to  on a drive through the different cities are so unique to spice up your safari stay.

Whenever Rwanda is mentiogoooooned,many people recall the genocide that took place in the country that led to various deaths forgetting the tourism fraternities the country harbors.Today, Rwanda is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and this is one of the key issues that have led the number of visitors who come to experience the relaxing adventures increased.The country is easily accessible both by road and air and obtaining a visa before your travel is also easy.

There are  number of different tourism activities you can enjoy on your safari tour to Rwanda which are hard-to find in other African countries.The fact that these activities are so unique has induced most tourist to make repeated journeys to this East African country. Some of the adventurous activities you should expect on your trip to Rwanda include;-

Gorilla trekking: This is mainly done from  Volcanoes National Park where there are over 300 mountain gorillas.Rwanda is one of the few countries where mountain gorillas can be found.Other countries where a visitor can find these rare primates are Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. However,among these countries,its Rwanda that is preferred by most tourists because of the ease one gets while tracking the gorillas in their natural habitats.

Dian Fossy grave hiking: This is another tourism activity that most tourists especially those interested in the history of the late prominent primatologists, Dian Fossy, who was murdered while trying to study the lifestyle of the mountain gorillas. Dian Fossy grave hiking is a life time experience that you should experience because of the adventures you are exposed to as you climb the Volcanoes mountain.Its both a cultural and primate hike because as you hike,you may encounter the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

Golden monkey trekking: This is mainly carried out at Volcanoes National Park and it is a combined activity with gorilla tracking. Get a chance of having a glance at these rare monkeys as they jump from one tree to the other.You will also take some clear photos while in the rain forest with the golden monkeys at a close range.

Chimpanzee tracking: This is another adventurous tourism activity that you should not miss on you safari to Rwanda and its carried out from Nyungwe National Park. Spend about an hour with these human-like primates in the forests of Nyungwe and take clear photos for remembrance.

Bird Watching: Birders are not left out on a Rwanda Gorilla Safari because of the availability of over 1,500 bird species easily viewed from any of the national parks.You can also have a magnificent bird watching experience on the shores of Lake Kivu. Some birds are tiny that you cant see them with your naked eyes and you may be required to use the binoculars.

Nature Walks: Rwanda is one of the leading countries when it comes to nature experience.The ever-green plains and magnificent rainforests are a must see as you drive through the country.

Cultural tours: Get a chance of meeting the local people from different cultures on your Rwanda Safari tour.Enjoy a thrilling lifetime experience as you watch cultural songs and dances live.