Safety and security in Rwanda

Despite the 1994 Rwanda genocide where the Hutu and Tutsi fought each other and at the end result over one million people died, and the war started after the killing of the president Habyalimana, looting and burning, and roadblocks were set up in every town and city security was no more and killings was the order of the day, many people seek refugee to the neighboring Countries, the economy of the country also suffered, and the tourism sector it’s self was no more. But all come to pass and every thing has come back to normal and the government has achieved an astonishing level of safety and security in a remarkable short period of time. Visiting Kigali (Rwanda’s capital and its largest city) today it’s hard to believe the horror that visited this land in 1994. Rwanda is now as stable East African country and easily accessible from Kenya and Uganda. It is relatively easy, safe and simple to travel around without any threatening; Exceptions are certain places along borders of the DRC and Burundi. It is landlocked, surrounded by countries like Uganda to the north, Burundi to the south, Tanzania to the east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. When driving in Rwanda you are advised to keep right, you are advisable to move with your belongings or leave them in a safe place like into your accommodation, you are also advised to exchange your money in the known places like banks or ATMs don’t exchange it with the local people you find on streets. Always use your tour guide to direct you on what to do. There are no “off limits” areas in Rwanda, but visitors should exercise concern in crowded markets, night clubs, and any tourist areas. you are advised not to drink un boiled water or tap water as this may cause diseases like diarrhea, this may ruin your safari bottled water are recommended. The best resource for visitors who require emergency medical care is King Faisal Hospital located in Kacyiru, Kigali in the vicinity of the Umabano Hotel. Many of the medical staff speaks English