Uganda wildlife education Centre,a place to be this year

Uganda wildlife education Centre,a place to be this year

Uganda wildlife education Centre,a place to be this year

March 17, 2015

Set on the shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is a must visit for anyone coming to that pearl of Africa for a leisure or educational tour. The centre which sits on 72 acres is comprised of a wide variety of indigenous wildlife numbering to thousands, and housed in natural settings which depict three of Uganda’s ecosystems: The Wetland, Savannah and the Forest. Located off the main Kampala to Entebbe International Airport road some 40 kms from Kampala, 5 kms from the airport and 1.5 kms from Entebbe town, it is the magnificent site that was established in 1952 by the Colonial Government .By then, it used to act as an animal Orphanage that offered sanctuary to young animals found abandoned in protected areas due to the death or poaching of the parent animals. In the early 1960s, it became a National zoo.

The Centre has got about 50 animal species that are represented by over 200 animals which are all housed in large and pen air enclosures that stimulates there natural habitats in the wild. With their interpretations on each of the animal, biography, biological and social information, you will be able to attain full and relevant information about each animal that stays in the Centre. It becomes interesting with the company of the professional sites guides at the Centre.

For the birders, the Centre is just an astonishing paradise for you because you will see and view over 250 bird species while listening to their sweet sounds and for the photographers, there is an excellent close up opportunity for wildlife in an environment that is just similar to the wild.So just feel at home to capture these memories because you must tell this story when you get back.

The place is comprised of four main sectors and thee include the;
The largest savanna eco-system in the whole of Uganda is represented by the exhibits of the Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley National parks.
The wetland eco-system that represents 25% of the Uganda land mass, the shoe bill stork, lung fish, weaverbirds and the monitor lizards live with in here.

There is also Queen Elizabeth eco-system that represents the forest cover of Uganda and includes a 1000 m forest trail with beautiful debrazza monkeys, vervet monkeys, free ranging antelopes and a wide variety of beautiful coloured butterflies and indigenous plant species found in Uganda homes, as well as information on the type of diseases that they can cure.

The Centre will give you a chance to explore and see a number of animals ranging from the canivores like the female lions, biza, Zara and the male kibonge. The leopard is also at your sight when trailing through the Centre, herbivores like the kobs, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, bush buck, reed buck, eland, buffalo, reptiles like crocodile, snakes and the fascinating primates like the monkeys and the chimpanzees. You won’t also miss to watch the astonishing birds like the Hammerkorps perching, recently rescued pelican, African Gray Parrot, Graceful Crested Crane, The migratory Egyptian goose, ostrich, and beautiful peacock.
The Centre operates daily from 9.00am to 6:00pm in the evening. The entry fees are 10,000 for East African adults, 5,000 for the East African children, 20,000 for the foreign resident adults, 10,000 for the foreign resident children, 30,000 for the foreign adults and 15,000 for the foreign children. All these fees are in Ugandan shillings. The Centre also offers a variety of accommodation in the form of self-contained flats, bandas, dormitories and camping. Visitor’s facilities including a canteen, kiosk, a bar, a picnic area, donkey and camel rides and a crafts shop as well as entertainment every Sunday evening by a local cultural group.
Note that all animals that are in this Centre are not bought but are just rescued from danger and the communities to preserve them so when you come to this beautiful country, endeavor to tour the Uganda wildlife education Centre.