Packing List for your Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Packing list is very essential when planning a gorilla safari to Rwanda, although many times travelers don’t understand what it means when we talk of packing list. Gorillas are met in the wild that one you saw in zoos was not a gorilla. In Rwanda they can be tracked in the volcanoes national park Ruhengeri Musanze district. Since they are found in the wild you must dress smartly, as in the wild you will meet a lot of difficulties like stinging plants, muddy and thick forest. The safari is so adventurous so you must go with proper clothes that will make your safari so enjoy full. Most of the time tourists fail to notice the packing list and at the end ruining their tour. Meeting gorillas is unpredictable it can take half or full day in wild searching gorillas so it’s some times exhausting don’t expect a smooth road, so a reasonable degree of fitness is needed as well as tracking gears such as sturdy pair of shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, are recommended. in such a background you find many visitors dressing in a funny way they put on sandals, others put on short clothes, no bags, water, this is totally very wrong for your trip, since it’s not a picnic you must sit down fast and think about what is expected on your gorilla safari and not. The weather in volcanoes national park is very herd to predict since it’s on a very high altitude, this means that it can rain at any time so appropriate clothes is highly recommended to easy your trail. Lets us examine the packing list for gorillas tracking in Rwanda

Hiking shoes/ Boots; this is a must pack as you know that tracking is done in the wild don’t expect a lot of ease, you need to carry with you strong and comfortable shoes that will make your tracking safari very successful. While in the forest you will meet a lot of stinging plants and some times muddy and some it can rain at any time so with out strong shoes you may find a lot of difficulties. You will see rangers with rubber boots, gumboots and not sandals implying that they know what it means being in the jungle. You are not advised to carry new shoes, try to wear it before you embark on your gorilla trip to Rwanda. A good pair of socks is also recommended. If all these is observed well and put into consideration you will enjoy fully.

Bag; since the hike involves moving long hours it’s also advised to come with a suitable day pack as you will need to carry accessories such as camera, note book, rain jack, bottled water and some times packed lunch among others, the bag does it well. This will ease your movement while in the forest. However some times porters are hired at a fee in case you get tired he can help you to carry the bag, all this is to make your gorilla tracking activity enjoy full. Since it’s hard to predict the weather, it would be better if you bought a waterproof day pack.

Jeans, Long-sleeved shirt and Trousers are recommended on a gorilla track: these are very important on your gorilla safari in Africa since tracking is in the wild and on foot. In the forest there is a lot of difficulties, these clothes will protect you against vines, nettles branches as well as thorns. It is also good if it’s in cotton; this will provide warmth and still protect your skin.

Rain Jacket and Safari Hat; African weather is unpredictable so you can expect rain at any time so before coming for a gorillas safari, you must pack a rain jacket to protect you in time of rain and also when you feel cold. In case you forget it can rain on you something that may ruin your safari, yet it is always very good to go on a safari and come back when happy. A safari hat is also very important as it will protect you from the boiling sun of Africa and also a hat makes you a smart tourist. So don’t forget it.

Garden Gloves; these are also very essential to protect you on your gorilla safari as they will protect your hands from germs, thorns and other items that may scratch your hands.

Bottled water, Pack lunch and walking stick; meeting the gorillas is unpredictable as it can go to half or full day so is advised to go with bottled water and packed lunch to get more energy for tracking. Walking stick is also necessary although these can be given to you at the park headquarters in case you request it to support you as you hike through the thick vegetation.

Sunglasses and Insect repellent: sunglasses help to protect you from the sun. Insect repellent is also needed as there are a lot of mosquitoes in Africa which may cause fever and this may ruin your safari. When it gets in the evening, you can spray your clothes or body to avoid them.

Bring also a photo of film camera. However a flash camera is not recommended we recommend using films of 400-800 ASA.

Follow the above packing list for your gorilla safari to enjoy your tour successively