My extra-ordinary Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

Rwanda and Uganda gorilla safaris

My extra-ordinary Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

April 6, 2016

My name is Joyce and I am an American citizen. I love traveling and my passion is to explore new areas where I have never been before. In 2015 around October, I decided to go and explore more about the new places and in my mind; I wanted to go on a unique continent. Africa was my preferred destination because I had read and heard about this continent. I wasn’t sure at this time which specific country I should go to but basing on the information I got from my colleague, mountain gorilla trekking would serve as the best adventurous activity. So I picked up my Ipad and straight away searched for the word “mountain gorilla trekking”. In the search results, I got numerous websites but one similarity I got from what I saw is that do a gorilla trek, one need to go to either Uganda or Rwanda. Therefore I had to choose which of the two countries I should visit but my instincts told me that I should visit both. I wanted to have a pure feeling of adventure with these rare primates in their natural habitats and to do this; I had to go to both Uganda and Rwanda.

The task was to choose which tour company I should use since I had heard some rumors that some companies in Africa steal people’s money pretending to help them arrange their safari and in the end they run away with the money. So I had to be cautious while choosing which company to use. Although Google search had provided me with numerous websites, I decided to go to Trip Advisor website and select a company that has the best pleasing review. While there, I landed on one called Maranatha Tours and Travel which has reviews from different clients they had dealt with. I was amused with the reviews and went on to research more about the company. I managed to single out its website which is and on their website, they had a tour package that combines both Uganda and Rwanda. I made an inquiry on a 5 day Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tour. In a few minutes, I got a reply from Daniel who works with the company. He was so helpful and understanding because he managed to give me the best costing which fitted in my budget. He also gave me different options including a Uganda Self Drive if I wanted to drive myself to the national park but I didn’t want to. I like the way this company deals with customers and I was overwhelmed by their services.

I arrived in Uganda on 2nd November since my safari was to start from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. I was welcomed by the company’s guide who escorted me to my booked hotel in Kampala. My safari begun the following morning with a transfer from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park where the mountain gorillas live. We arrived in the evening but had many stopovers along the way like a stop at the Uganda Equator and also a stop for lunch. I enjoyed my stay in the lodge as I looked outside to have a breathtaking feeling of real nature in the park. All night I thought about how it would feel like to view the mountain gorillas face-to-face. The morning came late due to the anxiousness and immediately after breakfast, I was briefed by the guide who later led me deep into the forest. The trek took about 4 hours and finally we found a gorilla family at Rushaga. The primates looked amazing and different from what I had seen on TV. I spent around an hour with them and during this time, I had a lifetime exposure and also enjoyed the splendid view of the gorillas. I took some photos for remembrance
We later returned to the lodge for lunch and in the evening went for a cultural walk to the Batwa group of people. I enjoyed every bit of as I had a chance to meet tone of the shortest people in the world. We later returned to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

The next day (third day) was all about transferring from Bwindi in Uganda to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. It was a marvelous journey which involved splendid views of different highlands. We arrived in the evening and checked in at the lodge for diner and overnight. The next day I went for gorilla tracking in the forests of Volcanoes national Park. I had a unique feeling with the primates and this was way different from that I got in Uganda. I returned to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

The last day was all about transferring from Rwanda back to Kampala. That was followed with a transfer to the airport for my flight back home.
The whole trip was epic and I swear I will never forget everything. Both Uganda and Rwanda are amazing and I recommend everyone to try and go there. Rwanda safaris and Uganda tours are now on my “things to do” list for 2017 and I swear I will be there again.