Lifestyle of Gorillas of Bwindi National Park

Lifestyle of Gorillas of Bwindi National Park

Lifestyle of Gorillas of Bwindi National Park

April 13, 2015

Gorilla tracking is one of the key activities at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park since it has over 630 gorillas. These Gorillas have a unique lifestyle and if not studied well, one may end up comparing them to human beings. A mature Gorilla weighs about 425 pounds and 6 feet tall. They mainly feed on vegetables and spend most of their time in trees hunting for greener vegetables. According to sources at the Park, a Gorilla’s life span is between 40-55 years. This applies to those that are in captivity simply because they are cared for, but for those in the wild, they live for about 40 years.

Maranatha tours Uganda can help you study this lifestyle of these chimpanzees by taking you to the park and explaining to you In details but some facts about Gorillas is as below;

Among all the animals in the wild, a gorilla is the only animal that is compared to a human being. Most gorillas live in the inaccessible regions in various dense forests. This can also explain why gorillas rarely attack humans.

Gorillas need a lot of food and they eat a variety of plants such as bamboo, thistles, wild celery, bedstraw, stinging nettles and fruits. These plants provide the gorillas with sufficient moisture that they can stay without taking water for quite a long time.

Giving birth and taking care of the young ones
Just like human beings, gorillas take good care of their youngones.Though gorillas have a slow rate of reproduction, a female gorilla gives birth for the first time at about 10 years and the male begins breed at 12 years.
The newborn gorilla is weak and weighs about 3 pounds. At this stage, the movement is awkward as those of human infants, but its growth is roughly twice as fast. A gorilla infant sits and begins to stand with support at 4-5 months. It suckles on a regular basis for nearly 9 months and is gradually weaned at about 2 years, when it becomes more independent.

Gorillas are shy and retiring rather than ferocious and usually keep away from trouble unless harassed by another animal. Gorillas are divided in families just like human beings and these families have between 20-30 members. These move in a group and offer protection to one another. The groups are guarded by the oldest gorilla and if the old gorilla is weak, it hands over power to another aggressive competent gorilla. Another unique aspect about gorillas is that power is hierarchy

Because they are normardic, they build nests each day in the evening as they plan to retire after a long day constructing them from bent branches or grasses on the ground.

Gorillas are aggressive and during times of attack, a male gorilla screams, stand erect on the hind legs, drum on the chest with its hands and feasts, strike the ground and stamp their feet so as to scare away their enemies.

This enchanting lifestyle of gorillas can be viewed at Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park with the help of MARANATHA TOURS UGANDA. Get explanations about different species of gorillas at the park and at the same time having a look at them.