How to prepare for a cultural Safari to Rwanda by women tourists

How to prepare for a cultural Safari to Rwanda by women tourists

March 11, 2014


There is no doubt that Rwanda is a safe destination for women travelers. This is guaranteed to those on a safari with a professional tour company which has enough years of experience in providing safe and secure tours to visitors. Our company is credited for providing safe and classic cultural safaris to Rwanda and Uganda where visitors get a chance of meeting calm-friendly people.

Before you embark on your trip to this rich cultural country also termed as “a land of a thousand hills”, it is important that you get to know the various “do’s” and don’ts”. When it comes to ladies, there are special practices culturally required from them while in this great nation and these include:-

Clothing and design: Most Rwandan women (especially those in towns) are more conscious when it comes to fashion and dressing. Dressing second hand clothes from America does not stop them from keeping their outlook nice and presentable. While on a safari to Rwanda, a female tourist is advisable to wear clothes that cover-up her thighs since it’s culturally not good to wear short pants in public. Some of the clothes that are culturally perceived well in the county include jeans, skirts, dresses and Khaki trousers. Always try to be on the conservative side when choosing what to dress in Rwanda to avoid misconceptions about you by the local people.

Jewelry: While on a safari, a visitor is advised to avoid wearing gold jewelry, gold or diamond rings, necklaces and other related assets publicly. This is to avoid tempting opportunists from affecting your Rwanda Safari.

Money Purse: Avoid carrying your purse loosely in your hands while in busy parts of Rwanda for security reasons. Place the purse over your shoulder and keep the hands over it keeping it to your side. This helps to protect the bag away from people with intentions of grabbing it. When trying to access some buildings like supermarkets, you might be required to provide your purse for checking and do not hesitate to comply.

Money: There is need to be more vigilant when carrying money. In circumstances where you are wearing slacks or tight jeans, keep your wallet, money in the front pockets and keep touching it if you are in a busy place. When buying something, do not bring out all the money but just bring out what is enough.

Passport: Always move with a photocopy of your passport and not the original because of the long process gone through while replacing it. Keep the originals in a safe place where no one can easily get access to. This applies to all other documents related to identification and credit cards.

Carrying mobile phones: A visitor can obtain a local mobile phone for at about USD 15 to 25 to keep in touch with his/her people at home and also Rwandan friends.

Private walking: A visitor can opt to have a walk in Kigali during day time. However, it is not advisable to walk at night and in case you must, walk with someone, preferably a Rwandan. While walking, keep on the main road and avoid lonely places like slums.

Rwanda Nightlife: Nights are always safe for women to go to a local dance spot in Rwanda. However, move with someone to stay on a safer side. A Rwandan companion can serve you well by getting you through this exciting night life.

Meals and Restaurants: You must know some practical norms of Rwanda when it comes to eating and choosing where to have a meal from. Do not eat from places that you are not well conversant and always consider the hygiene of the place you are intending to eat from. Avoid eating raw cabbages or salads unless if it’s from a good restaurant or hotel.