Hidden treasures in East Africa's smallest country,Rwanda

Hidden treasures in East Africa’s smallest country,Rwanda

May 20, 2014

Small as it is, Rwanda is one of the best tourism destinations in Africa. If you have never been to this country, you may wonder how a small country can be more interesting and adventurous than big countries. It is not because of the genocide that took place in this peaceful nation that has caused its  prominancy but its because of the hard-to find mountain gorillas and other tourism fraternities.rwanda gorilla trekkingI have come accross very many literature books about Rwanda most of them stating how the country is peaceful but one thing these books miss out is the wonderful nature and beautiful highlands that cover almost the whole country. The presence of many highlands is the main reason why the country is also called “the land of a thousand hills”. There is no strong reason why most parts of the country are hilly but one key attribute about this magnificent topology is its location near the equator. While on your drive through the different parts of the country, your eyes will be able to see various distant splendid green plains and this is a lifetime experience.

Living nature aside, lets look at some of the the leading tourism activities that have put rwanda to the world scene to an extent of increasing the number of registered safari trips for about 9% annually. Gorilla trekking is the leading attraction  in the country. With only 900 gorillas left in the world, there are few places where mountain gorillas and rwanda is one of those few countries where one can visit assured of having a glance at them. In case you have seen gorillas in the zoo, then you should not lie to yourself that you have seen a mountain gorilla because these primates are not kept in captivity like other animals. The only way you can see them is by making a gorilla trekking safari in person and the best destination for that is Rwanda.In the deep natural rainforest of Volcanoes National Park, you will be surprised by an encounter with a whole family of these great apes which are also known to be man’s closest.

Another activity you are assured of when in this beautiful country is golden monkey and chimpanzee tracking. Golden monkeys are some of the rare primates which are hard to find and a tour to this East African country will allow you to look at them in their natural habitats. They are mainly found  in Volcanoes  national park and in most cases golden monkey tracking is an additional activity to gorilla trekking. Still in this park, you can hike to Dian Fossey grave and trust me this is a magnificent cultural hike which will enable you get the true history about the prominent primatologist. The words written on her grave will leave you wondering why poachers killed her as she was trying to study the lifestyle and way of living of the gorillas.

Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is a wonderful experience which you should not miss out as you are in this country. The only place where you can track these human-like primates is in Nyungwe National Park.

Away from the primates, you can also visit Lake Kivu and have a breathtaking moment at the shores as you watch the beautiful skies. Bird watching is the leading activity at this site due to the fact that there is a  wide collection of bird species including the pandemic,endemic and migratory birds.

A lot can be written and read about this country but nothing is more worth than going on a safari in person which will give you a live lifetime experience.