Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla Tracking is definitely the best wild experience one can ever get while in Africa and this can be best done in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park which hosts a few remaining mountain gorillas in the world. Tracking gorillas can take from two to even nine hours, this depends on how far the gorilla families move compelled by the food supply. Tracking entails going through the thick and misty forest in the mountains where the gorillas make camp, and while before them, visitors are allowed for hour to spend time with them to see how they eat, behave, and relate to each other though keeping a recommended distance.

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking is restricted to only eight visitors per day for every family and the park has about ten habituated families open for visitors. This means that gorilla permits are highly competitive especially during the peak seasons, thus visitors are advised to book 6 months ahead of time to be sure of their  safari.

Volcanoes National Park is a two hour’s drive from Kigali depending on the traffic flow which minimizes the hours spent in the vehicle  as compared to other Gorilla tracking destinations thus making Rwanda the best Gorilla Safari destination in the world. The accommodation is relatively fair with many options to chose that range from Budget, Mid-range to Luxury Travelers.

Our tours are designed to ensure that visitors get maximum experience and not just what we think is good but also take into consideration even the smallest interests of our clients. We organize gorilla safaris tours both in Rwanda and Uganda being that both tracking destinations are close. Other activities provided by our company include:- wild Game viewing, cultural, Bird watching, White water Rafting, Mountain Climbing Primate watch in east African Countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to provide our clients an all round experience.

Rwanda gorilla Safari Packages
4 Days gorilla and Dian Fossey Trek

5 Days gorilla and chimpanzee trekking

9 Days Rwanda gorilla safari

6 days Rwanda gorilla and Chimp tracking

1 Day Rwanda gorilla tracking

5 Days Chimps & Gorilla Tracking

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

5 Days Rwanda Gorilla & Wildlife Safari

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari