Feel the wrath of the jungle in the Nyungwe Forest National Park

Feel the wrath of the jungle in the Nyungwe Forest National Park

March 7, 2014


South west of the smallest country in East Africa, Rwanda, is where you find the tropical rainforest of Nyungwe. First established as a forest reserve in the 1930’s, the Nyungwe forest national park is one of the country’s finest tourism destination if you were to go on a Rwanda Safari. Being one of Africa’s pure tropical natural rain forests, the park is well protected and well gazetted to just suit your experience. It is located in the Albertine rift and just of late, the park received a national park status making it  the largest high altitude protected rain forest in East Africa.

With over 300 bird species, Nyungwe is one of the best and magnificent bird watching destinations in Africa with  approximately 280 bird species, 25 of which are facing extinction.Their park’s wonderful features and sounds just comfort you and make your Rwanda Safari colorful. Some of the species include the great blue turaco, the green naked weaver, the blue headed hornbill, the brown headed horn bill as well as all other bird species that are a must watch while at the park.

Nyungwe is also home to one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of man’s closest friends  and that is none other than the great chimpanzees.These elegant primates have beautiful light brown coloured faces and they are coupled with a variety of other primates for example the colobus monkeys and white haired monkeys.The most amazing of the monkeys are the magnificent golden monkeys and the owl faced monkey, actually if you are looking for where to find these extinct creatures, then look nowhere else but the Nyungwe national park. It becomes adventurous to look at their playful moves and listening to their stunning noises which makes you relaxed.

While at the park, you can have a handful of stunning activities that will just make your Safari to the park a must tell when you return home.Some of the tour activities that a visitor is exposed to while at Nyungwe include;

Nature walk and the Community based Eco-tourism.

One of the amazing wonders that you will see while in the park is a must tell experience of nature walk and community based tourism with in the forest.Get a chance to view a variety of beautiful butterflies, orchids, monkeys and wonderful insects as well as other wild animals.  There are  also 4 Cultural villages that provide wonderful experiences that just even go beyond wildlife viewing in that you are able to witness the mixture and  love of people with their culture.

Chimpanzee trekking

Another stunning activity in the park is the Chimpanzee trekking.This begins early morning after enjoying your morning breakfast at your favorite lodge.On this trekking trip, you will be able to see the thirteen species of primates that harbour Nyungwe Forest.The leading primates to be trekked are the chimpanzee and others  include the owl-faced guenons, Angolan black and white colobus monkeys that will come your way.

Bird watching

 Since the place is covered with thick vegetation coupled with tall tropical trees, what would you expect? Of course beautiful birds that occupy the trees. Nyungwe is a home to almost  278 bird species, 25 of which are endangered and running out of existence .Well prepared with your binoculars and your protective gear, you will have to see and listen to the sweet sounds of the Great Blue Turaco, Crowned Hornbill,Blue-Headed Sunbird, green headed weaver and other astonishing birds. All this will make your Rwanda safari more adventurous and colourful.


Here we are, at the top of your experience ,the place also offers almost 13 hike trail and the most amazing one is the“Igishigishigi”. Just as you hear its name being so funny and unique, the experience you will get while hiking is also fun.The name Igishigishigi is in Kinyarwanda but translated in English, it means a tree fern. The hiking trails range from fair to complex and from about 1.7 kms to 10.6 kms above sea level, you will really want to describe Rwanda as the best country in Africa.

Accommodation will just wrap up your experience at the park and you will leave to tell when you have your stay in either the Nyungwe forest lodge or Gisakura guest house which have  beautiful and wonderful rooms to make you relaxed.