Cultural Sites in Uganda

Cultural Sites in Uganda

December 4, 2014

Cultural Sites in Uganda

Uganda Museum

The Uganda museum was found in 1908 and it’s is located in Kampala along Kira road to (Kamwokya) off Bombo road. The museum displays Uganda’s cultural heritage where one can see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions including the traditional inheritance, cultural background among other important things that reflect Uganda’s history and the stages that Uganda has pass through. The museum has over 3000 volume of map, sociology, science pieces among other staffs

Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi tombs are the traditional Royal tombs of Buganda kingdom. It’s a traditional site in an urban setting. It’s just 5kms from Kampala, Uganda’s capital and its largest city. This interesting site is where the dead kings (Bassekabaka) of Buganda kingdom are buried including Mutesa1 (1865-1884), Daniel Mwanga11 (1884-1897), Daudi Cwa11 (1897-1939) and Frederick Mutesa11 (1939-1966). The kasubi Tombs is a popular site and respected site to both the locals and the foreigners

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

This is where the Christian believers were burnt alive for failing to renounce their faith. The shrine is situated in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District16kms to the North-East of Uganda’s capital Kampala. Over 32 Ugandan Roman Catholics and Anglican were burnt alive in 1886 on orders of King Mwanga11 of Buganda for refusal to abandon Christianity. Uganda martyrs day is celebrated every 3rd of June and up to this time the martyrs are privileged around the world for their faith and bravery. It attracts very many pilgrims whole over the world every year to pay honor to the saints.

Bahai Temple

This is regarded as an important place of worship among the bahai religious group. It’s located on Kikaya hill on Gayaza road about 4 miles from Kampala. It was constructed about 40 years ago, and the temple was opened to the public on 15th Jan 1962 and it attracts very many tourists since it’s the only one in Africa.

Naggalabi Coronation site Buddo

This historical Buganda site is located on Buddo hill approximately 20 minutes drive from Kampala on Masaka road. It’s a historical heart of Buganda, it is where the Buganda’s kings (Kabaka) have been and still crowned for the last 700 years. And it’s the same Hill that the current king of Buganda Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11 was crowned from on 31st July 1993. It is therefore regarded as an important site in Buganda culture. The Kabaka’s are crowned on this hill because it’s said that the first Muganda Kintu killed his brother Bemba on this hill. The site offers story telling, traditional music dance and drama performance (on request), picnic site, hand craft. You can visit the main blessed sites, and literally walk in the footsteps of the past and present kings of Buganda

Namirembe Cathedral

This is the oldest cathedral in Uganda, and it can be visible from much of Kampala. Uganda is known as the country which has a population with different religious beliefs some of which are international and others are locals. Amongst the international are the Roman Catholics and the Protestants from the Anglican Church. Uganda is believed to be having the largest protestant church in East Africa and that is St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe church