Birding fees to be reduced by UWA in the new tariff

Birding fees to be reduced by UWA in the new tariff

December 11, 2013

Following the recently concluded Birding Day 2013,the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) stated that there are plans to cut the birding fees in Uganda.Currently,the birding fees in Uganda are US$100 per day but with effect from January 2014,they will reduce to US$ 30 per day.

This move is believed to increase Uganda’s birding competitive edge over other countries.

Uganda is a magnificent birding paradise with a recorded number of 1,065 bird species and among these,60% are found in the National Parks.Therefore,this new innovation will create some competition between game viewing and birding in the National Parks.

Although birding in Uganda tends to compete with agriculture as people cut down their natural habitats,there are no serious negative effects to their population because they migrate to protected areas like the National Parks.
Birds in Uganda are mainly found in wetlands,forests,semi-arid areas,farmlands,grasslands and protected areas.In these places,you can find an endless list of bird species that are beautiful to look at due to their splendid colors and sounds.

Some of the bird species found in Uganda include;pied Kingfisher,yellow weaver bird,long tailed cormorant,black-necked dove,white egret,crested crane, ostriches, pelicans, trogons, turacos, barnowls, hoopes,typical rollers,barbets,kites,eagles and many more.

Reducing the birding fees will mean that both nature walks and birding are going to at the same fee.This will promote tourism in the country and many tourists will be attracted to this “pearl of Africa”.

Uganda is expecting to receive more birders next season and this will boost the tourism industry.