Akagera best on a Rwanda safari tour

Akagera best on a Rwanda safari tour

April 29, 2014


Its is a common question among tourists why this rarely mentioned national park of Rwanda is liked.There are various reasons why visitors look for adventures in the magnificent atmosphere of Akagera National Park.Covering about 2550 sq km,the park is situated in the west of Kagera River shared with Tanzania.

A tour to this park is breathtaking because of the relaxation guaranteed.You don’t need to worry about accommodations when at this tourism site because the neighboring towns of Gabiro and Kibungu harbor spacious accommodation facilities where you can dinner and overnight enjoying a splendid view of the hills and cultural buildings in the evening.This means that when on your safari tour to this Rwandan park,all your minds are settled on the wildlife exposures and other tourism fraternities.

The presence of a breezy climate and cultivated hills just make the whole area worth visiting because of the thrilling lifetime experience you are exposed to.The whole area around the park is covered with green grasslands which reflect the hard-to find beauty of Africa.The archetypal African savannah found at the parkĀ  is tangled with a brachystegia bush and acacia are some of the special attractions you will view on your Safari tour.Its swamps,savannah,lakes,grasslands and woodlands are extremely interesting and I must say that Akagera National Park is one of the best tourism attractions in Rwanda you cannot afford to miss to visit this year.

Apart from the beautiful nature,the park is a home to a big game which are worth viewing.Have you ever wished to spend a day with the wild animals in their Natural habitats?Then Akagera National Park is the answer because of the diverse collection of wild animals and rare primates. Some of the animals you should expect on a game drive in the park include; large herds of elephants,buffaloes,Cape elands,zebras,giraffes,leopards,lions,hyenas,antelopes and more others. Not forgetting an encounter with a large pod of hippopotami and crocodiles on your boat ride on River Kagera.

When it comes to wildlife viewing and game drives in Rwanda, Akagera National Park is the best destination on your Rwanda Safari tour.The presence of large herds of buffaloes and elephants that keep on merging from the thick woodlands to come and sip some water, makes it easy to spot them especially during the afternoon hours. If lucky,you may collide with some wild animals like the spotted hyenas,leopards and stray lions. For the case of Zebras and Giraffes,it is easy to see them because they spend most of their time grazing in the open grasslands where you can go and take some clear photos with them.The handsome chestnut-coated impala will make your Rwanda Safari tour more colorful than what you expected.

Bird watching at Akagera National Park is another special tourism activity that you should expect because of the presence of over 350 eye-catching bird species. Among these birds include the endemic, pandemic and migratory birds.Some of the rare birds at the park include; the majestic fish eagles, papyrus gonolek, shoebill and many more. These birds are easy to watch especially on the shores of Akagera River where they roam about the whole area.

Camp at the park alongside the attractive scenery of lake Kagera and enjoy a thrilling experience combined with roars of the lake and sounds from singing birds.Trust me,a day spent at Akagera National Park is one of those travel trips that you will live to tell not only on a Rwanda Safari but on other tours to different destinations of Africa.