About Rwanda tours

Rwanda some times is called a land of a thousand hills is a small country but gifted with natural wonders, it is regarded as one of the top visited countries not only in the east but also in the whole of Africa. It is regarded as one of the peaceful countries with cases of insecurity making it a good place to be. It can be reached by both Air and road transport from Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. When we talk of incredible tourist attraction Rwanda is the number one since it houses the rare species that’s the mountain gorillas that few countries in the world host this specie. Except Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo where these specie can be tracked safely although Rwanda is regarded the best gorillas safari destination as it host almost a half of the world’s population. Gorillas in Rwanda can be tracked in the most visited Rwanda national park that volcanoes national park which is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda in Ruhengeri Musanze district a drive of just about 3-4 hours from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and it’s largest city. Tracking begins very early in the morning after reporting at the park headquarters to receive information about gorillas tracking then head to the forest to begin the activity. You are only allowed to stay with these apes for only hour observing their behaviors as well as taking photos. Tracking gorillas is at a fee of USD 750 per person per tracking. when you talk of gorillas in Rwanda you can’t forget the works of a prominent primatologists who studied and habituated these giant apes for a period of over 18 years when at the park don’t forget to pay a visit to her graveyard to get more information about her works and life.

Also in the jungle forest of Nyungwe you will meet the closest relative of man the chimps playing in the forest. Nyungwe forest national park is another tourist spot of Rwanda which house over 13 species of primates many of which are in other countries, to mention some include the black and colobus monkey, vervet monkey, blue tailed monkey, red tailed monkey, baboons, Angolan monkey civet monkey the list is endless. The park is located in the southwestern part of Rwanda. Chimp tracking is the major tourist attraction carried out at the park and arrangements can be done to meet them either in the morning or evening and during chimp tracking other primates can be met during chimp tracking, nature walks, cultural tours can all be organized at the park.

Game drives are superb in Rwanda when you go to Akagera national park watching various species of animals like buffaloes, elephant, antelope species, lion, giraffe, leopard, waterbuck and many more other species like crocodiles and hippo can be met at lake Ihema. Game drives can be arranged either in the morning or in the evening depending on traveler’s interest, and then also enjoy a boat cruise on the lake Ihema for more opportunity to see animals and bird species that feed on the lake.

Rwanda offers a lot how do you see exploring the whole of Kigali city, meet interesting attraction within and out side Kigali city places to visit include the Kigali genocide memorial site which were built as a remind to the 1994 genocide which claimed over one million people, visit the cultural sites, market, the national museum among other interesting places in Kigali.